Why Would A Facebook Page Get Banned?

Facebook is a free-to-use social media platform, which means that they have control over the types of posts and pages that they allow. When we sign up for Facebook, we agree to all of their rules and guidelines. These guidelines attempt to make the social media platform as enjoyable to use as possible. But why would a Facebook page get banned? Below we provide 5 reasons why Facebook pages get banned, and how you can improve your digital presence beyond social media platforms. 

Over at Boylan Point Agency, we work with a variety of different social media platforms to best improve your online presence. One of which is Facebook, the  social media giant. When considering getting your business online, Facebook can be a great place to start or add to your digital efforts. However, it is essential to familiarize oneself with Facebook Guidelines. A banned page can mean losing hours of marketing efforts, connection to potential clients, and a hit in reputation. 

#1 Copyright Issues

For most users, this seems to fly under the radar pretty often; however, pages have to be more cautious. Facebook will take down a post or even ban a page if they infringe on copyrighted material. The general rule is no one should claim what isn’t their content and if they want to share it – give credit where credit is due. 

#2 Promotions

Facebook does not want to be held responsible for any promotions run through your page. If you’re going to run a promotional event – note to the audience that it is not sponsored, endorsed, administered, or associated with Facebook. 

#3 Spam

So much of what we do is automated, and it can be easy to automate social media posts as well. The problem with this lies in the fact that a social media platform wants real engagement, and pages cannot build a community with only automated posts. 

At the far end of that spectrum is using spam and chatbots to increase engagement. This is an easy way to have a page blocked by users, and if enough users block a page, Facebook will take notice of the high block rate and ban the page.

#4 Posting Too Much

There’s no hard number for how often does someone have to post for it to be categorized as spam – although posting the same marketing link, content, or information everywhere is probably going to be seen as spam. A general rule for posts is that only about 10-20% of posts should be a marketing push. Facebook pages are meant for the visitors, to add value to the business, and to build a community. Too many spam posts, take away from that. 

#5 Offensive Posts

If a Facebook page has a high block rate, it will get noticed by Facebook. This could be caused by spam or offensive posts. Your posts cannot promote gambling, tobacco, firearms, drugs, and cannot include nudity. With Facebook users reaching a wide demographic, it wants to ensure that potentially offensive posts won’t be seen. If it is not safe for work, it’s probably not safe for Facebook.

Most people will never be banned or have their page banned by Facebook; however, no one should solely rely on Facebook for a digital presence. Consider spending some time familiarizing yourself with what a Facebook page is allowed to do or talking to a trusted agency for assistance. With Facebook being a free service, they always have the right to ban and shut down the page.

By having a website, it is a way to ensure that connection to customers will never be lost. Even a small landing page can provide a digital presence that can be the foundation of what social media will be used for. 

If you’re looking at using social media to improve your business’s online visibility, be sure that the admins of the page are people you trust. For a consultation, information on our social media package, and to learn more about our marketing services, contact us over at Boylan Point Agency. 


From Facebook Help

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