Frequently Asked Questions

The Answers Behind Our Frequently Asked Questions

The Answers Behind Our Frequently Asked Questions

Over the years, we have received a lot of questions about web design, branding, logo design, and even website security and search engine optimization (SEO), which is why we have crafted this FAQ page.

Please feel free to contact us directly if you have a question that is not listed here.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Can I see my website while it is in progress?

A: Yes. First, we'll create the base design featuring the home page and a couple of internal pages, then it will be put up on a private and secure server for only you to review. Any adjustments requested will be added to get the website ready for your final review before publishing it live to the public.

Q: My business isn’t in your city, can you still build my website?

A: Yes! We have created websites for a variety of businesses throughout California, the United States, and around the world.

Q: Will my website be mobile-friendly?

A: Yes, We always guarantee that every website design is mobile-ready and responsive on all devices.

Q: What should I look for when hiring a web designer?

A: When choosing a web designer to design your website, there are several crucial elements to consider. Keep these questions in mind:
- How long has the company been in business?
- Do they have a significant portfolio with working sites that you can visit?
- Does the company have positive client testimonials and links to its sites?

Q: I already have a website, how easy is it to change it?

A: This will require some review of your current website. It may be that your website is in need of a significant update, in which case, it would be less expensive to just create a new site, believe it or not. Contact us today for an estimate.

Q: My friend says they can design my site for free, why shouldn’t I just let them do it?

A: Just because someone offers you a free service, doesn’t mean they’re good at it – especially if they have limited experience. When it comes to websites, plenty of people can build them, but most won’t be qualified to ensure that the site will show up well on search engines like Google, Yahoo, and Bing. It usually pays off to simply hire a professional.

Q: Do you only build websites in WordPress?

A: No, however, 99% of the time the answer is yes. We usually recommend WordPress because it is affordable and offers endless customization, allowing your business to be completely individualized - even by yourself or your staff. That being said, we can still build your website using a different platform if that is what you prefer. In the unlikely case, you prefer a platform we are not experienced in, we'll be upfront with you and recommend another high-quality web design company.

Q: What will you need from me in order to build the website?

A: Typically we look for images that represent your business services as well as copy that you would like to use for your website. However, if you do not have those materials, you can give us a general idea of what you would like your website to show and I can create the content for you.

Q: Will I have a say in the graphic design process?

A: Of course! Our goal is to design a perfect site for your business, and we’ll need your input to do that effectively. Let us know of other sites with a design style that you would like to emulate, or if you have a logo or brand collateral that you’d like us to incorporate. We’ll be sure your new site will be a consistent and integral part of your overall brand.

Q: Can I copy text from other websites?

A: Text used on a website must be true, original, and not copied from an existing website. It takes just seconds to check if the text has been copied from somewhere else by using Grammarly’s Plagiarism Checker. Using duplicate content will diminish trust with your users and search engines like Google.

Q: Do I have any say in how my website will look?

A: Absolutely! WordPress, any other Content Management System (CMS), or even simple HTML5 / CSS, will allow for complete customization of your website.

Q: How is the cost of a new website determined?

A: Websites are quoted at a flat rate depending on the structure, complexity of functionality, size of the website, and the need for marketing support such as search engine optimization, copywriting, and social media integration. Every project is unique so we make sure to price your project based on your specific needs.

Q: Can I look after my own website?

A: Yes, you absolutely can, though we typically recommend having our web team take care of major changes, especially for intricate design elements.

Q: How does the payment process work?

A: Your website project begins with a 50% deposit of the total cost. After you approve the design and functionality of your new website, we will request the remaining 50% prior to launch. If a more flexible payment plan is preferred, we'll be happy to match your needs.

Q: Who will own the copyright to my new website?

A: Upon final payment, full copyright ownership transfers to you. Any images used from a third-party source are included under their license agreement. In short, the website will belong to you, as it should, since it’s an important asset to your business.

Q: What do your websites cost?

A: To get a better idea of the cost of your website, give us a call at (707) 544-3390 we’ll ask you a few questions about the goals for your website, what sort of functionality and engagement the site will have, your graphic design needs, etc. Then we can provide an estimate.

Q: Another company says they can build a website for us for $500. Why shouldn’t we use them?

A: This is a question we receive a lot as well. Be wary of anyone who says they’ll build you a website for a couple of hundred dollars. It is likely that they’ll take your money, ask for a few pages of text, and then slap it into a generic template used by millions of others. You won’t be offered a custom design nor will it be optimized for top search engine results.

Q: I am new to the web, will a website help my small business?

A: Today, technology is more accessible than ever, and most people tend to research services before deciding on the company they will use. If you would like your business to remain relevant now, and in the future, then having a website is a necessity.

Q: My website is fine on a PC or MAC but not on small screens, can you help?

A: This is a common question we see with clients who have not updated their websites in a while. Increasingly, people search for businesses and services on their phones or other mobile devices, and if your site is not responsive, then you are losing potential customers. A new, responsive website can be designed to ensure that your online presence is responsive to all mobile devices.

Q: How long does it take to design and build a website?

A: Websites come in many sizes, so the time it takes to create them varies a lot depending on the content and functionality. We usually estimate a new website will take 2-4 weeks, or more, to create.

Q: Why should my company’s branding be consistent?

A: Your brand identity is defined by elements such as your logo, color scheme, tone, and fonts. We urge clients to create these elements and use them consistently in their marketing and sales materials, both online and offline because consistent branding does make a difference with consumers. In fact, with a consistent branding campaign, you build credence and authority, which in turn builds trust with your customers while giving them a consistent experience. Also, consistent branding sets your brand apart from the competition by making it recognizable. Without a consistent branding campaign, your company could come across as disjointed, and that’s what you want to avoid.

Q: I already have a website, why isn’t it listed high on Google?

A: While all design firms may be able to create a website, most don’t have experience in getting those sites to rank well on search engines like Google. The key to ranking well on Google is to find a marketing company experienced with Search Engine Optimization (SEO) so that your website’s foundation is already set in place to improve search engine rankings. By using a variety of methods, an experienced web development company can improve your website’s ranking from day one.

Q: Do you provide copywriting services?

A: Yes, as a full-service marketing and advertising company, Boylan Point Agency, has years of professional writing experience as well as a variety of marketing services, including web content development.

Q: How can you write the text for my website without knowing what I know?

A: While you may not already have copy for your website, you probably have a pretty good idea of what you would want your customers to know about your services. We will ask you questions relevant to your business and then fine-tune your answers to be concise and professional for your site.

Q: Who hosts the website?

A: We provide hosting services on a dedicated server, which allows us total control should any issues arise, however, if you already have a hosting provider that you prefer, you are welcome to use their services instead.

Still Have Questions?

If you still have questions about how to create professional-looking websites, then contact us now. Our team is comprised of experienced professionals who can answer all your web design questions and we look forward to working with you!