How to sort emails in Gmail

There are many ways to make Gmail work better for you and one of those ways is by sorting messages. Messages can be sorted by subject, date, or sender. Sorting messages can make finding messages easier and improve efficiency in your inbox.

There’s no way to sort your messages by subject alphabetically. However, if you’d like view your messages by subject, you can use the search bar. Simply type the subject you are looking for and Gmail will display all items with the subject.

By default, Gmail shows you the newest items first. If you would like to see the oldest messages first, click on the email count in the upper left. Be sure to click directly on the numbers. A drop down menu will appear. Choose oldest and the mail will be re-sorted.

To sort emails by sender, start by finding a message from the sender you would like to sort by. Then, hover your mouse over the sender’s name. A small box will appear. In the box, you will see the sender’s name and e-mail address. You will also see some additional options, like Add and Invite, Add Contact, and Emails. If you click on Emails, Gmail will display only email from that specific sender. You can also use the search bar to search for the name of a specific sender. Gmail will display all results found.

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