How to find a Bay Area Plumber

Bay Area PlumberFinding a bay area plumber may seem like a daunting task, but it doesn’t have to be (and really isn’t). Maybe you have a leak you need fixed ASAP. Or maybe your pipes are rattling and it’s getting ridiculous. Or maybe you just need someone to fix the previous plumber’s job. Whatever the case, finding a plumber shouldn’t be too difficult.

Locate a Bay Area Plumber

Step 1: Search Google for “bay area plumber”.

Step 2: Browse the search results. You’ll likely come across a whole bunch of different sites- some dedicated to a plumbing company, others listing many different plumbers in a directory. Whatever the case, browse them all to get a good feel of the market.

Step 3: Research. As you browse different plumbers and plumbing companies, keep track of which ones appeal to you and fit your situation.

Step 4: Testimonials. This is probably the biggest step and most important. Look for reviews about your prospective plumbers. Simply searching for the name of the plumbing company will yield results in Google. If you don’t see any reviews, or a lot of negative ones, skip it and move onto the next one in your list. When you think you’ve narrowed it down enough, or you think you’ve found the perfect plumber, move to the next step.

Step 5: Contact. Call your plumber. A phone number should be easily accessible. When you get in contact, ask the following questions:

  • Ask for an estimate of the job.
  • Ask for references.
  • Ask for the license and insurance number.
  • Ask for the company location.
  • Ask for the number of employees.
  • Ask for the payment schedule.
  • Ask what makes their company different.
  • Ask for the best price.

After this, you should have a good feeling of whether or not you’ve found the right plumber for the job. If not, go ahead and start over from Step 2 and find more plumbers.

With the many plumbers and resources available online for free of cost, it should be no sweat to find your next plumber.

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