Customer Service Never Expires

Occasionally I will be contacted by a client I haven’t heard from in over a year, asking for logo or other artwork files I created for them in the past. I have some clients that pay me for a single logo, and I never hear from them again until they realize they have misplaced crucial files and need them to update their brand. This is why I never delete client artwork, whether I created it or not.

I always keep files that are sent to me by a client (e.g. logo mockups, brainstorming ideas, social media account information etc.) and those I create for them such as final drafts of their brand identity. I do this because I know down the line a client may need such files to update whatever they see fit. Some brands want different colors of their logo, and don’t have the means to do it themselves. Sometimes they send all the original files to a 3rd party designer, and never see them again – or the designer!

The point is, I have unlimited space to save all files handed back and forth between my company and a client. There’s no reason I cannot add the extra benefit of customer service to always keeping original files in case they are needed to help a client (former or current) out of a bind.

I am here to help, I appreciate my clients, and I am not going anywhere.

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